Be ‘cum’ prepared and make sure to cover your trooper, soldier with a condom.

With a barrier kind of design and method, condoms are one of the most used means to prevent STDs and pregnancy with its 98% accuracy. Putting individual sizes and distinct needs in mind, condoms from brands like Durex, Ansell, May Size, Glyde, Trojan, and more come in different variations like classic, ultra-thin, ribbed, and flavored to heighten the senses and boost up your sexual drive. While most condoms are made with latex, users with latex allergies can opt for latex-free and vegan varients so you can practice safe sex without excuses. Choose the one that works best for your needs and size and enjoy the sensual night with your lover.

Find the Perfect Condom for You

Not sure what condom to get out of all the wide range of options available? The Naughty Corner is here to guide you in finding ‘the one’.

The Different Types of Condoms

When engaging in a sexual activity, not wearing condom is like a soldier going into war naked. A condom is an essential in sex as it is the most accesible means of protection to prevent pregnancies and the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases like HIV. Contrary to the common perception of the public that the condom downsizes the experience with the absence of skin-so-skin contact, the truth is, it is capable of elevating your experience up a notch but only if you’re knowledgeable enough to know which one is perfect for you.

Condoms come in different types that allow you to enjoy different sensations and experiences depending on what you desire. You have the classic and ultra-thin that are the closest you can get to skin-to-skin contact, condoms with ribs and bumps on the other hand enhances pleasure as it tickles you and your lover’s sweet spots, then we have the flavoured ones that are perfect for oral sex.
Important Note: All condoms are usable only once and are to be disposed immediately after use. If the seal is torn or broken or if the product has already expired, do not attempt to use and dispose right away.

Find the Perfect Size

Just like how you choose a shirt that perfectly fits your body type, choosing the perfect condom for your penis size is just as important. If a condom is too big for your size, the tendency is it can slip off with every thrust which rids the protection you need and can be a major inconvenience too. Alternately, if it’s too small, it can uncomfortably choke your manhood and is most likely to break. So, in order for condoms to work, they need to fit properly.

To help you in choosing the perfect condom for your size, you can browse through the MySize condoms and the MySize Chart to find the perfect size for you. Offering seven different sizes, you are sure to find the perfect sleeve for your size.

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

A condom is not only intended solely for protection but also for enhancing the sexual pleasure with the varied types available on the market. Try out the condoms that deliver added sensation which includes ribbed and textured condoms that stimulate you and your partner’s sensitive spots, or wear ultra-thin condoms that give you the protection you need while bearing a sheer material that almost feels like a second skin to feel every thrust.

Lubricant Compatibility

Most lubricants on the market are compatible to use with condoms but with the exception of oil-based or petroleum jelly-based lubricants. The main ingredients in condoms usually react negatively to the latex which may weaken the condom and could even cause tearing. The safest lubricant to use with condoms is the water-based ones as these are organic and chemical-free. However, to ensure 100% safety, you can check its ingredients before using.

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