If you need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm, or the other one which is holding a toy.

The old style of masturbating with your hands can be boring and dreary in the long run so innovators have come up with new thrilling masturbation toys to make playing with your thing more exciting and to make it feel as close to real-life sex. With a wide range of options to try and explore, from fleshlight, masturbator egg, stroker, masturbator cup, and more, find the perfect toy that can give you the sensations you need and the earth-shattering orgasms you crave. No need to worry about size and girth as most masturbators are made of silicone that are ultra-stretchy to easily accommodate most sizes. For thinner or shorter penis, smaller opening and pliable outer shells work best for you, while for those with thicker or longer penis, choose open-ended designs. Whichever toy you use, cream-dripping pleasure is always guaranteed.

EGG Boxy - Tenga

EGG Boxy

EGG Brush - Tenga

EGG Brush

EGG Silky II - Tenga

EGG Silky II

EGG Sphere - Tenga

EGG Sphere

EGG Tornado - Tenga

EGG Tornado

EGG Wavy II - Tenga


Feel Romi Chase by KIIROO Stars Collection Strokers

Feel Romi Chase Stroker by KIIROO

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Masturbators: The Ultimate Guide

What are masturbators?

Masturbators are sex toys designed for solo pleasure. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, and offer a variety of sensations to enhance masturbation. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is a masturbator out there that can take your self-pleasure to the next level.

Types of Masturbators

There are many different types of masturbators available, including handheld devices, sleeves, and full-body options. Handheld devices are typically designed to mimic the feel of a vagina or anus and can be used with or without lube. Sleeves are often made of soft, stretchy materials and can be used with or without a case for added control. Full-body masturbators are designed to simulate the feel of a partner’s body and can include realistic features like breasts and buttocks.

How to Use a Masturbator

Using a masturbator is simple and straightforward. Most masturbators are designed to be used with lube, which helps to create a more realistic sensation. To use a masturbator, simply apply lube to the toy and your penis, then slide your penis inside. Move the masturbator up and down to create a stroking sensation that mimics intercourse.

Choosing the Right Masturbator

When choosing a masturbator, it’s important to consider factors like size, shape, and material. Some masturbators are designed for specific types of stimulation, like the prostate or the frenulum. Others are adjustable, allowing you to customize the level of pressure and sensation. Consider your personal preferences and what kind of sensation you’re looking for when choosing a masturbator.

Benefits of Using a Masturbator

Masturbators offer a range of benefits beyond just enhancing solo pleasure. They can be a great way to explore your sexuality, learn more about your body, and even improve your sexual performance with a partner. Masturbating with a masturbator can also help to relieve stress, boost your mood, and promote better sleep.

Tips for Using a Masturbator

To get the most out of your masturbator, it’s important to use it properly and take care of it between uses. Always use lube with your masturbator to avoid irritation and discomfort. Start with a lighter grip and gradually increase the pressure to avoid overstimulation. After use, clean your masturbator thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap or toy cleaner.

Masturbators are a versatile and exciting way to enhance solo pleasure and explore your sexuality. With so many different types and options available, there is a masturbator out there to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. So why not give one a try and experience the pleasure for yourself?