Consensual kinky game in progress. There will be screaming but do not attempt to call 911.

Channel your inner submissive in your kinky BDSM play with a mask on that lets you strip all your inhibitions off and let go of your everyday personality to awaken you sexual desires through a whole different persona in bed. Different variations of masks include eye masks, blindfolds, masquerade masks, BDSM hoods, selective persona masks, advanced BDSM masks and hoods, and more and are often made of leather, rubber, silicone, lycra or neoprene to deliver different feels and fits to suit your desires and needs. Designed to cover the eyes or the entire face, BDSM masks elevate the sexual experience with its sensory deprivation function while boosting up trust and intimacy with your lover. Stay kinky and keep the mask on all night long for steamy and hardcore fun.