Kinki Roses And Thorns Gemmed Anal Plug – 3.7 Inch


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For lovers of the finer things in life, KinKi is here to satisfy your craving for all things bling.This anal plug is cast in gorgeous silver metal. Sleek and sensual, its both a physical and visual treat. It’s pure anal indulgence! This plug is shaped in a tapered, teardrop style making insertion a breeze for any level of anal enthusiast. At the base a faux-gem is with an inviting, intriguing rose design which acts as visual eye-candy for those who love anal toy play with partners. This rose is anything but thorny though, giving pleasure visually for all involved with play. It’s usable for both foreplay as well as intercourse, acting as an accessory to supplement play and pleasure. Simply keep it in while playing with a partner and enjoy dual stimulation to the finest degree.Because of this plugs beginner design and size, it can be worn for extended periods of time in the bedroom, or for those true kink-lovers, out in public. The metal material also adds another dimension to play in the form of temperature based stimulation. A simple soak in warm or cool water allows this anal plug to mimic the temperature of the water it is submerged in, giving fiery thrills or icy chills to users of this toy.

Product Specifications of the KinKi Roses and Thorns Gemmed Anal Plug:Length:
3.2 Inch (8.3cm)
Girth: 4.2 Inch (10.6cm)
Material: Metal

Additional information
Weight 0.19 g
Dimensions 11 × 117 cm