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Introducing the Satisfyer Yoni Power 2, the perfect companion for your intimate well-being journey. Crafted with precision, these kegel balls are designed to enhance pleasure, boost pelvic health, and elevate your confidence in the bedroom. Made from luxuriously soft, medical-grade silicone with a robust stainless steel core, the Yoni Power 2 offers both comfort and durability.

Each set includes three distinct kegel balls, each with its unique weight, diameter, and length. The egg-shaped design features a slightly pointed tip for effortless insertion. Whether you’re new to kegel exercises or a seasoned pro, this set provides a versatile training experience that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Regular kegel training with the Yoni Power 2 can do wonders for your sexual well-being. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, experience sensational orgasms, and even prevent bladder weakness. Additionally, your partner will notice the difference – the enhanced muscle tone leads to a tighter and more intensely pleasurable experience for both of you.

For your convenience and hygiene, each kegel ball comes equipped with a silicone retrieval string, making removal effortless and stress-free.

Rediscover the joys of intimacy with the Satisfyer Yoni Power 2. Elevate your confidence, strengthen your pleasure, and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling intimate life.

Product Specifications:

  • Smallest Ball:
    • Weight: 22 grams
    • Diameter: 2 cm
    • Length: 12.5 cm
  • Medium Ball:
    • Weight: 46 grams
    • Diameter: 2.5 cm
    • Length: 13 cm
  • Largest Ball:
    • Weight: 74 grams
    • Diameter: 3 cm
    • Length: 13.5 cm

Usage Instructions:

  1. Begin with the lightest kegel ball from the Yoni Power 2 set.
  2. Ensure the ball is clean and well-lubricated before insertion.
  3. Find a comfortable and relaxed position, such as lying down or sitting with your legs slightly apart.
  4. Gently insert the kegel ball into your vagina, ensuring it is positioned comfortably and securely.
  5. Start with short exercise sessions, gradually increasing the duration as your muscles become accustomed.
  6. As your pelvic muscles strengthen, progress to a heavier kegel ball from the set.
  7. Incorporate kegel exercises into your regular routine for optimal results.
  8. To remove the kegel ball, gently pull on the silicone retrieval string.

Care Instructions:

  • Clean the kegel balls thoroughly before and after each use with warm water and mild soap or a dedicated toy cleaner.
  • Rinse and dry the kegel balls completely before storage.
  • Store the Yoni Power 2 Kegel Balls Set in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid using silicone-based lubricants with the kegel balls, as they may damage the silicone surface.
  • Replace the kegel balls if you notice any signs of wear or damage.

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