Glyde Slimfit Natural Condom 10s


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Thrust deeper into the realm of pleasure and let the sensation swallow you whole. The Glyde Slimfit Natural Condom 10s takes you to new heights of savory and safe sex like never before.

This condom keeps your size and comfort in mind as it is dubbed as the tightest and most secure condom on the market. With a nominal width of only 49mm, it boasts a form-fitting wall that’s smaller than any other standard condom, hugging your long and thin shaft snuggly and is sure to stay in place without slipping off. Made ultra-thin and strong, it allows you to feel every inch of your partner with every thrust while ensuring the latex wall remains intact and tear-proof, for top-notch protection paired with pleasure. Made with the highest quality vegan ingredients and a plant-based formula of 100% natural latex, free from risky chemicals, casein, talc, parabens, and spermicides, enjoy making love for hours without worrying about irritations and after-effects. Lightly lubricated with non-toxic, medical-grade oil for extra sheer and silky texture to fight off dryness and make each glide in and out smoother. Make love feeling secure and safe with the Glyde Slimfit Natural Condom 10s.

  • Snugger, tighter, and more secure fit
  • Lightly lubricated for easy, smooth glides
  • Non-toxic formula and chemical-free
  • Plant-based and free of animal testing
  • Low rubber latex scent and taste
  • With a classic reservoir teat for extra safety
  • Reduces the risk of pregnancy and STIs
  • 3x electronically-tested to help ensure reliability

How to Use:

Following the usual way to wear a condom, hold the tip between your finger and thumb to make sure no air is trapped inside. Place the condom over the tip of your penis then squeeze the tip of the condom as you roll it down your erect penis. Now, you’re ready for some ‘wet’ action.

Care Instructions:

Store in a cool environment out of direct sunlight. Do not use of the condom is past its expiry date or the condom packet is not properly sealed.

Disposal Instructions:

Once done, remove the condom carefully to avoid the risk of pregnancy and infection. After which, tie the condom the same way you tie a balloon. Wrap it in a toilet paper then dump in the trash bin, not on the toilet.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex
  • Length: 6.7in / 17cm
  • Width: 1.9in / 4.8cm
  • Package: 10pcs./box