Four Seasons Studs and Ribs Condom 6s


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Embrace the sensation and let it devour your entire body with raunchy heat. Bang deeper into the realms of heavenly pleasure and give your partner an experience that’s beyond this world with the Four Seasons Studs and Ribs Condom 6s.

This Four Seasons condom puts other condoms on the market inferior as it offers an erotic pleasure that’ll make you scream for more. Designed with raised studs and ribs on the surface that are made to specifically stimulate your partner’s sweet spots and hit her surrounding interior nerves as you thrust in and out, earning you sexy tingly moans along with dripping juices wrapping your manhood. The ultra-sensitivity it provides sparks flames of lust inside, perfect for couples looking for an exciting adventure in bed to spice up sex life. Coated with a non-spermicidal lubricant that not only makes penetration smoother as it fights off dryness but also keeps the latex intact and tear-proof without friction rubbing its wall. Just like most condoms, it comes with a reservoir end that catches your load after reaching the climax, ensuring your seeds stay where they are and not inside of your partner. Specifically made in a transparent color to blend in perfectly on your shaft for a more sensual and intimate lovemaking that lets you forget you’re even wearing protection. Extra stimulation, more pleasure with the Four Seasons Studs and Ribs Condom 6s.

  • Raised studs and ribs for extra stimulation
  • Transparent color to blend in perfectly
  • Pre-lubricated to overcome dryness and friction
  • With a classic reservoir end for added safety
  • Reduces the risk of pregnancy and STIs
  • Electronically-tested to ensure strength & reliability

How to Use:

Following the usual way to wear a condom, hold the tip between your finger and thumb to make sure no air is trapped inside. Place the condom over the tip of your penis then squeeze the tip of the condom as you roll it down your erect penis. Now, you’re ready for some ‘wet’ action.

Care Instructions:

Store in a cool environment out of direct sunlight. Do not use of the condom is past its expiry date or the condom packet is not properly sealed.

Disposal Instructions:

Once done, remove the condom carefully to avoid the risk of pregnancy and infection. After which, tie the condom the same way you tie a balloon. Wrap it in a toilet paper then dump in the trash bin, not on the toilet.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex
  • Width: 52mm
  • Package: 6pcs./box
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