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Introducing the Satisfyer Double Love Couple Vibrator, a luxurious and revolutionary addition to your intimate experiences. This sophisticated couple’s vibrator is designed to elevate pleasure for both partners simultaneously, opening up a whole new world of shared sensations.

Crafted with premium body-safe silicone and ABS materials, the Double Love boasts a sleek and elegant design, accented with high-quality precious metal for an added touch of luxury. The u-shape ergonomic design ensures an optimal fit, enhancing comfort during use.

With not just one, but two sensual and stimulating motors, this vibrator offers intense and powerful vibrations that will leave you both breathless. Explore a range of 10 deep and rumbly vibration modes, catering to various preferences and desires.

Control is at your fingertips with multiple options. You can operate the Double Love manually through its intuitive interface, or use the included wireless remote control for added convenience. For even more exciting possibilities, connect the vibrator to the free Satisfyer Connect App, providing custom vibe patterns and long-distance control for intimate moments apart.

Whether you’re engaging in foreplay or intercourse, the Double Love is the perfect companion for couples looking to heighten their pleasure together. Whisper-quiet vibrations ensure your intimate moments remain discreet, while the rechargeable battery ensures you never run out of power. Simply use the included USB magnetic charging cable to keep the fun going.

Embrace your desires without limitations, as the Satisfyer Double Love is fully waterproof (IPX7 rated), allowing you to explore pleasures in the bath or shower. Enjoy the freedom to experience passion wherever your desires take you.

Experience a new level of intimacy and connection with the Satisfyer Double Love Couple Vibrator. Your love life will never be the same again.

Product Specification:

  • Size: Length 3.3″ / Width 2.2″ / Height 1.6″
  • Material: Body-safe silicone + ABS
  • App-enabled: Provides custom vibe patterns and long-distance control
  • Control options: Manual, Wireless remote control, Satisfyer Connect App
  • Motors: 2 powerful motors
  • Vibration modes: 10 deep and rumbly vibration modes
  • Design: Ergonomic u-shape for optimal fit
  • Usage: Ideal for couples, meant for shared vibrations
  • Power: Rechargeable (USB magnetic charging cable included)
  • Noise level: Whisper-quiet vibrations
  • Waterproof: IPX7 rating for underwater play

Usage Instructions:

  1. Charging: Before the first use, ensure the Double Love is fully charged. Connect the included USB magnetic charging cable to the charging port on the vibrator and plug it into a power source. A full charge may take a few hours.
  2. Powering on/off: Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn on the vibrator. To turn it off, repeat the same process.
  3. Manual Control: Use the intuitive interface on the vibrator to cycle through the various vibration modes. Press the vibration intensity buttons to increase or decrease the intensity.
  4. Remote Control: To use the wireless remote control, ensure the vibrator and remote are paired. Follow the pairing instructions in the user manual.
  5. App Control: Download and install the free Satisfyer Connect App on your smartphone. Pair the vibrator with the app and explore the additional custom vibe patterns and long-distance control features.
  6. Placement: For maximum pleasure, insert the shorter end of the u-shape into the vagina, allowing the longer end to rest externally against the clitoris.
  7. Lubrication: Apply water-based lubricant to the vibrator for smoother and more comfortable insertion.
  8. Enjoyment: Experiment with the various vibration modes and intensities to find the perfect combination that suits both partners.
  9. Cleaning: After use, clean the vibrator with mild soap and warm water. Ensure the charging port is dry before recharging.
  10. Storage: Store the Double Love in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Care Instructions:

  • Always clean the vibrator before and after each use to maintain hygiene.
  • Avoid using silicone-based lubricants, as they may damage the silicone surface.
  • Ensure the charging port is dry before connecting the USB magnetic charging cable.
  • Store the vibrator in its original packaging or a satin pouch to protect it from dust and scratches.
  • If you experience any discomfort or irritation during use, discontinue and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Keep the vibrator away from children and pets.

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