Icicles No. 6 Glass Massager – Pink


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Introducing the Icicles No. 6 Glass Massager – an exquisite and meticulously handcrafted glass pleasure wand that embodies elegance and sophistication. This luxurious line of glass massagers is a testament to our unwavering commitment to detail, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Each Icicle glass wand is a unique work of art, designed to provide intense pleasure and excitement. Crafted from hypoallergenic, nonporous glass, this intimate accessory is not only body-safe but also built to stand the test of time.

Experience sensual bliss as you explore the versatility of the Icicles No. 6. Elevate your intimate moments by either heating it up under warm water or a quick stint in the microwave. Alternatively, indulge in a thrilling chill by cooling it down under cold water or placing it in the freezer. Thanks to its nonporous nature, cleaning is effortless. Simply use our Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water, or for ultimate convenience, toss it in the dishwasher for a worry-free cleanse after your passionate rendezvous.

Elevate your pleasure with the Icicles No. 6, where sophistication meets sensuality.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 8.50 inches
  • Width: 1.43 inches
  • Weight: 1.25000 lbs
  • Shape: Non-Phallic, Tapered
  • Features: Phthalate-Free, Eco-Friendly, Freezable, Latex-Free
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Icicles Glass Massager

Usage Instructions:

  1. Temperature Play: The Icicles No. 6 Glass Massager can be heated or cooled for added sensations. To heat, run it under warm water or place it in the microwave (ensure it’s not too hot). For a thrilling chill, cool it down under cold water or in the freezer. Always test the temperature on a small, sensitive area before use.
  2. Cleaning: Cleaning your glass massager is effortless. Use Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water for a thorough cleanse. For your convenience, you can also place it in the dishwasher after use. Ensure it’s completely dry before storing.

Care Instructions:

  • Handle your Icicles No. 6 Glass Massager with care to avoid dropping or hitting hard surfaces, as this may cause damage.
  • Store it in a safe place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Prior to each use, inspect your glass massager for any signs of cracks or damage. If you notice any issues, discontinue use to prevent injury.
  • Always ensure the product is clean before and after each use.
  • Use a water-based lubricant for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Experience the epitome of pleasure and sophistication with the Icicles No. 6 Glass Massager. It’s designed to provide you with unforgettable moments of sensual delight.