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Experience a new level of intimacy with Durex Embrace Pleasure Gel, thoughtfully designed for both you and your partner. This pack includes two 60ml bottles of sensual Durex lubricants, each uniquely crafted to enhance your shared moments of passion.

For Me:

Unleash a world of silky warmth with this exquisite gel, specially formulated to ignite your senses and set the stage for unforgettable intimacy.

For You:

Indulge in an arousing tingling experience that electrifies your desires and heightens the pleasure of every touch.

When these two enticing gels come together, they create an incredible reaction that elevates your intimacy to a whole new dimension.

Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels are packaged in two convenient bottles, each containing 60ml of pure delight.

Product Specifications:

  • Pack Contents: Two 60ml bottles of pleasure gel
  • Gel Types:
    • “For Me” – Warming Sensation
    • “For You” – Tingling Sensation
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with latex
  • Quality Assurance: Genuine Durex quality
  • Packaging: Shipped in UK packaging

Usage Instructions:

  1. Remove the cap from the bottle(s).
  2. Squeeze the bottle to dispense the pleasure gel.
  3. Apply the gel to the desired areas, wherever you prefer.
  4. Feel free to use as much or as little as you like, and even experiment by mixing the two gels for a unique experience.
  5. Since every person’s body is different, take the time to understand how your body responds to maximize your pleasure.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Discontinue use if irritation or discomfort occurs.
  • This product is for external use only and is not a contraceptive.

Elevate your intimate moments with   and discover a whole new world of passion and connection with your partner. Enjoy the sensation of warmth, tingling, and the exhilarating chemistry when these two gels come together. Choose quality, choose Durex, and let desire ignite your romance.

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