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Cave into the need and grant your body with heavenly pleasure. Spice up the night and add extra wetness with the Wet Stuff Vitamin E Lubricant.

This lubricant supplements your natural moisture with its long-lasting and exquisitely textured lube to fight off friction and make slides and glides smoother, perfect for solo pleasure play or partnered sex. Infused with Vitamin E, it not only offers your needed moisture but also makes your skin soft and supple with its nourishing properties. The water-based formulation contains no irritants like perfume or coloring plus does not alter the natural pH of the body, making it the perfect lube for sensitive users as it does not trigger any allergies when used. Additionally, this gentle formulation with only organic ingredients added is the safest type of lube to use on most sex toys and condoms without the worries of material disintegrating. With its slow-drying formula, you no longer have to worry about pausing for constant re-application since few drops of smooth wetness can last you hours of use. No towel is needed after the deed with its non-staining and non-greasy formulation, leaving no mess behind. For an extra bit of wet fun in bed, the Wet Stuff Vitamin E Lubricant is your go-to.

  • Adds long-lasting wetness to fight friction
  • Vitamin E-infused for added nourishing
  • No sugar, perfume, coloring, and oil added
  • Slow-drying formula for extended use
  • Compatible with most sex toys and condoms
  • Non-staining and easily cleans with water

Product Specifications:

  • Ingredients: Vegetable Gum, pH 5.5, Glycerin, Phenonip, Postassium Sorbate
  • Content: 1kg
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1 kg