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The Ribbed Cockcage is a 100% silicone sleeve that is designed to enhance sexual pleasure and delay orgasm for men. Its ribbed texture provides both the wearer and their partner with ultimate stimulation, leading to long-lasting and satisfying sexual experiences.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: 100% silicone
  • Texture: Ribbed
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Color: Black

Usage Instructions:

  1. Apply water-based lubricant on the inside of the cockcage to ensure a comfortable fit.
  2. Stretch the cockcage over the penis, starting at the base and working towards the tip.
  3. Adjust as necessary for a comfortable fit.
  4. Enjoy sexual activity as usual.

Care Instructions:

  • Clean the cockcage with warm water and soap after each use.
  • Allow it to air dry before storing it in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not use silicone-based lubricants with this product as they may damage the material.
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