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Dive into the world of kinks and reach new heights of pleasure you’ve never felt before. The Silicone Rump Rider elevates your anal play up a notch.

This anal toy awakens the kinky side in you as it stimulates your rear end for mind-blowing anal play sensations that get you craving more. Designed with a tapered body to make insertion easy and smooth and a curved pinpoint that, unlike the standard probes, reaches deeper into you while tickling your sensitive nerves from the inside with every thrust, catapulting you into ultimate orgasmic ecstasy. Comes with a suction cup that firmly sticks to any flat surfaces like the floor and wall, elevating the sensations as you grind to the erotic calling building up and to the tune of your moans. For lesser body strain, use as is with your hands doing the thrusting action. With its user-friendly, unintimidating design, it’s the perfect toy for both first-time users and experienced ones to try without shocking the body. Putting safety in mind, the toy is made hypoallergenic and safe to use so you can have fun steamy nights without worries of after-effects. Whether for solo exploration or a kinky play with your lover, Silicone Rump Rider is your go-to anal toy.

  • Perfectly contoured body for anal stimulation
  • Pinpoint tip for extra tingles and extended reach
  • Tapered design for easy and smooth penetration
  • Strong suction cup to attach on flat surfaces
  • Hygienically superior and safe to use material
  • Suitable for first-time and experienced users

How to Use:

Before using, apply your favorite water-based lubricant on the butt plug and on the anus. Once ready, attach the suction cup base to any smooth, clean, and dry surface. Position yourself to the plug then insert gently and slowly. Enjoy the ride and and feel the moan-worthy sensations as you grind.

Care Instructions:

After using, clean the toy with mild soapy water or your favorite toy cleaner spray. Dry thoroughly then store in a cool, dark, and dry place or preferably in a toy bag for future use.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 4.3in x 1in / 10.8cm x 2.5cm
  • Color: Black

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