JO Sensual Massage Glide – Cucumber – 118ml


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Experience the ultimate indulgence in the art of sensual massage with JO Sensual Massage Glide in the captivating Cucumber scent. This exquisitely luxurious massage lubricant is meticulously crafted to elevate your intimate moments to unparalleled heights, leaving your skin feeling not just refreshed but also deeply nourished, while simultaneously igniting your senses with a tantalizing aroma. Formulated with the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade silicone, this exceptional silicone lubricant ensures a silky-smooth, long-lasting experience that remains blissfully devoid of any unwanted greasiness or tackiness. Revel in the seamless glide and heightened sensations as you immerse yourself in the world of pleasure and connection, all thanks to the exceptional qualities of JO Sensual Massage Glide by System JO.

Product Specifications:

  • Scent: Cucumber
  • Texture: Silky smooth
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Non-sticky and non-tacky
  • One drop of JO equals 10-15 drops of other massage oils
  • Made with pharmaceutical-grade silicone
  • Safe for use as a personal lubricant
  • Suitable for tattoo conditioning
  • Infused with pure essential oils
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • 100% Latex Safe – compatible with non-silicone toys

Usage Instructions:

  1. Begin by applying a small amount of JO Sensual Massage Glide to your hands.
  2. Gently warm the glide between your palms before starting the massage.
  3. Slowly and sensually massage the glide onto your partner’s body, focusing on their desired areas.
  4. Allow the glide to work its magic, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and rejuvenated.
  5. For intimate moments, JO Sensual Massage Glide can also be used as a personal lubricant. Apply as needed for enhanced pleasure.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the bottle tightly sealed when not in use.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse with water and discontinue use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • This product is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.
  • Do not use with silicone toys, as silicone-based lubricants can degrade silicone materials.

Elevate your massage experience with JO Sensual Massage Glide in the invigorating Cucumber scent. Whether you’re indulging in a soothing massage or igniting your passion, this versatile glide promises a luxurious and unforgettable journey of pleasure.

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