Waterbased Lubricant

Easier glide, safer play. Whatever you do, never forget to lubricate.

When it comes to sex, the wetter is always the better. But when vaginal dryness happens or the natural lubrication of the body is not enough, a Waterbased Lubricant comes in to support your journey towards orgasmic pleasure. Unlike oil-based and silicone-based lubricants, Waterbased Lubricants are kinder to the body as they’re typically more natural and have fewer chemicals, which makes it the most commonly-used and the safest type of lubricant for masturbation, partnered sex, or solo pleasure with a toy. With a wide range of products available from well-established brands like Wet Stuff, Share Satisfaction, Mood, Intimate Earth, Durex, CalExotics, Four Seasons, and more, find the perfect formulation that works best for you and your body. Make the most of the night and enjoy less friction, smoother skin, and all around better sex.